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Hey guys.  I figure I take some time to share what’s going on with me in regards to this site.

So a while back I put up an entry that I was going dark for a little bit that I deleted the other day since I’m back to peeking in on the site again.  I’ve been taking some time to work on the aspects of my projects outside the art realm.  Building up characters and plotting out stories and whatnot and general development research.

That’s not to say I haven’t been drawing anything, been sketching out a lot of things in my new sketchbook, just nothing worthy of uploading to DA yet.  So that’s why you haven’t seen me put up too many of my own drawings for a while.

One thing I do plan on doing in the near future is that I want to take a part in doing some Inktober draws. Some artists that I follow have done these in the past and I figure this can be a fun exercise to take a part of and practice/learn a new skill.

Other things, I managed to snag myself one of the Solatorobo artbooks, Little Tail Bronx Vol. 1, on Amazon Japan, at a far cheaper price than what some of the resellers on the English Amazon are asking for and I’ll see it before the end of the week.  I never got a chance to play the game (knew of it's existence though), but I only recently discovered the incredible artwork this game has.  Figured after seeing various scans some people have been gracious enough to upload across the net (including This Journal), this would be a good buy as it is not only great from an art prospective, but from a game development prospective as well.

So yeah, that’s basically what’s going on with me, as far as the creative realm goes.  Oh yeah, you can check out my Signal Boost Journal below if you're looking for an artist to commission.


aRBy's Signal Boost Journal 2016Updated *August 6th, 2016*
A general journal I wanted to keep for various awesome artists that happen to be open for commissions or other ventures over the rest of the year. It'll be updated periodically to reflect when artists are open or not. (Artists are in alphabetical order)
a3dp :icona3dp: - Artist that recently re-opened her commissions.  Fairly unique style.  Specializes in Sonic & Steven Universe artwork.
<Commission Page>

DonkeyInTheMiddle :icondonkeyinthemiddle: - Recently reopened. One of the first artists I've ever commissioned. Primarily does Sonic/anthro work. Very nice and friendly and does her work with a great eye for detail. 
<Commission Page>
Edtropolis :iconedtropolis: - Currently running

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To those who are looking to craft a story/project of their own, like I'm currently trying to do, be sure write ANY ideas you have somewhere.  Grab a notebook, an index card, your laptop, anything.  Even if the idea is silly or doesn't seem all that great, just write it.

Because one day, you rediscover that notebook you had buried or that file you forgot was on your computer and learn that you have a treasure trove of forgotten ideas ready to be explored.  It really helps with a creative rut. :)
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So I've lately gotten into a "Klonoa kick" while looking for inspiration to tweak my anthro characters, and while looking up and reliving the series, I've come across an official webcomic made by NamcoBandai & Udon a couple years ago that I clearly missed the boat on called; Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol.  Featuring the artwork of Hitoshi Ariga & Espen Grundetjern, and written by Jim Zub.

The webcomic is no longer on it's original host site, but someone clearly went out their way to preserve the comic for other fans to enjoy, and I thank them for that!  It certainly has been a fun read.  Unfortunately, the series seems to be on an indefinite hiatus, but hopefully it'll continue someday! :D  Give it a read sometime:
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United States
"90% perfect & shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect & stuck in your head." - Jon Acuff

Fun not fame... by prosaix Thanks for visitin by k-nelo Favorite Stamp by Ravechu

Animation and gaming geek in my Early 30s

Likes drawing as a hobby, but still like to do my best at it.

Still hanging onto those childhood dreams of wanting to make my own video game, cartoon, and/or comic.

Sometimes I draw fanart of games & animation. Sometimes I draw Original Characters, & some of them are anthros. Sometimes I make fight stick art. Just whatever I feel like at the time.

Main tools of drawing at the moment are the standard 2H, HB, & 2B pencils and GIMP

Watch me play viddya games (mostly Fighters)

**Avatar of my OC Tayon drawn by Tazi-San and colored by me**

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